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School Schedule

LLC Preschool 2020-21 Schedule:

School Day: 8:00 - 12:00

Typical Day at LLC:

During each preschool day, students participate in the following:

Large Group: Children meet as a large group to learn to greet one another, build literacy skills, sing songs, identify numbers and sounds represented by the alphabet, and much more.

Snack: Children have the opportunity to sit down together, and practice their social, self-help and language skills.

Center Time: Their guided work time is designed to build on skills such as thinking, remembering, following directions, fine motor control (in preparation for handwriting, keyboarding, etc.), social skills, creative expression, problem solving and more.

Small Group Time: Children work in small groups with a teacher on specific activities designed to meet their individual needs.

Gross Motor Activities: The LLC has both a large gym and an outdoor preschool play area where students can ride bikes, play with balls, and use pre-school sized climbing apparatus  develop large muscles and gross motor coordination.