Prinicipal's Message

Our Lafayette Learning Center Preschool provides resident children between the ages of 3 and 5 with an educational experience that builds the foundational skills essential for lifelong learning.  A variety of developmentally appropriate programs are offered for students with and without disabilities. Our preschool offers seven full-day general education inclusion classes that implement the Creative Curriculum – an award-winning, research-based curriculum approved by the NJ Department of Education. We have three specialized classes--one class for students with disabilities, one for students with disabilities who receive intensive ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) preschool instruction as well as one general education class that uses the principles of C.A.B.A.S. (Comprehensive Application of Behavior Analysis to Schooling) from Columbia University. In all of our classrooms, we use STMath as a curriculum resource for developing early mathematical, reasoning and problem solving skills.

The success of our program stems from our use of developmentally appropriate practices. We strive for academic excellence, personalized relationships, and to help students develop the skills for lifelong learning and future readiness. All of our teachers and teacher assistants are highly qualified, trained, and experienced in helping preschoolers to develop self-regulation, thinking and memory skills. We believe every child is capable of learning, developing creativity, and meeting expectations of growth. Our learning is directly linked to the NJ Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards.  Individual student achievement is measured through the collection of developmentally appropriate assessments, including the TS GOLD, C-PIRK, and ABLLS.  We help children grow in our research-based and child-centered environment.

Families are a critical component within the life of our preschool and it is through this partnership that all of our students receive a rich foundation for learning.  Our Home and School Association supports our  community with opportunities that enhance learning and promote a healthy school climate. Our parents and teachers partner together to provide a very high-quality preschool experience for every child to start them on a successful journey of learning.


Dr. Karen Andre, Principal – Lafayette Learning Center Preschool